The Cowshed, Whiteladies Rd, Bristol

Mallard. roasted garlic, walnut & spinach stuff

We snuck in here on Friday night after a ridiculously crazy week at work (50 hours of work – a record for me since leaving London) as my delightful friend Phil came down to visit. We’ve walked past the Cowshed a number of times now and keep considering visiting and Friday was The Night.

Unfortunately, it ended up being a case of food envy. Look at Simon’s mallard (above) and my fillet steak (below) and tell me you wouldn’t have felt a little pang at being presented with that tiny portion of steak as compared to the amazingness of that duck dish? Marvellously well cooked and amazing tasting steak but still, a little small looking. I can’t really complain given that they quite clearly had all the weights and sizes on the menu and it was one of the best tasting steaks I’d had in a long time (other contenders include Portobello’s in Tamworth). It did come with potatoes dauphinoise and a green salad (well, it didn’t come with them, I had to order them separately, which I always feel is a little mean)

We ended the meal with a delicious tarte tatin and Simon had a pear and ginger cake (which he said was delicious but obviously being allergic to ginger, I didn’t try). They were individual tarte’s rather than slices from a larger one which was a nice treat and the star anise did flavour it wonderfully but it really can’t compare to my friend Matt’s. He’s a great cook but his tarte tatin is superb. Tarte TatinTarte Tatin


Service was excellent, our waiter was obviously not a long term employee but was very helpful and polite and went out of his way to ensure we were happy. It’s a bit strange being called Sir & M’am in restaurants these days but I guess I shall just have to embrace the fact that I do appear to be a grownup sometimes.