Poncing things up: chicken in breadcrumbs

Chicken in Breadcrumbs with goats cheese & guacamole

This isn’t really cooking, but more of a construction job. Chicken in breadcrumbs is such a dull, ordinary thing that poncing it up seemed the right thing to do.  It was also served up on a side plate in an effort to a) define with the clearly defined boundaries of LUNCH and b) to make me feel that it was more substantial than it was (I’m not sure why I was worried about this, it’s pretty bloody substantial)

Take chicken breast and coat in breadcrumbs (or buy ready made one) and chuck in oven to cook. (Usually 20 mins at 220C). In the last 8 minutes of cooking, put 2 or 3 slices of goats cheese on the chicken to melt and bake. Construct your salad – lettuce & tomatoes in this case with some oil & balsamic reduction. Chicken breast goes on top of salad, then guacamole goes on top of the chicken. It’s delicious. Excellent for lunch as the protein should keep you nicely full up for 4-5 hours.

Poncing things up – is a series of cooking adventures similar to Pimp my ride where we take an ordinary item of food and pimp it up until it’s extremely delicious.