Healthy dessert: spiced plum & greek yoghurt

Spiced plums and yoghurt

Otherwise known as the Fishbowls of Delight.Liz invited us down for dinner last night and I said I’d bring a dessert if she wanted and she specified something healthy. I don’t really believe in healthy desserts as I believe that dessert should be something decadent.

Still, I managed. I’m sure the low-fat brigade would be all up in arms about it but quite frankly I consider sugar more of an evil than fat so they can go and swivel. I might get slightly up in arms about the obsession with low fat food.

Anyway. Enough pissing about.

Spiced plums and yoghurt

Combine 4 digestive biscuits with about a table spoon of butter (I used 4 chocolate hobnobs) and whizz up in a blender/something. Then press into the bottom of the glasses. Martini glasses might work better here.

Then add a layer of spiced plums (chop up a punnet of plums, add 1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves and some star anise to the chopped plums and a little water. You might need some sugar if the plums are very bitter. Cook in a saucepan for about 20 mins. Leave to cool)

Then add a layer of greek yoghurt ( I am obsessed by the full fat Total stuff made by Fage, it is by far the best out there – good quality protein, not too much fat, no sugar fillers)and then another layer of plums and repeat until you have plums at the top. Then add some chopped toasted almonds and grate some dark chocolate over the top.

Disappointingly, you don’t get clean lines of yoghurt & plum mix in the glass so it doesn’t look as good as it could. If you wanted, you could do it by faffing around with gelatine in the plum mixture and leaving each layer to set at the right time. Lots of faff.

As Liz says, smash into mouth. I prefer to eat more like a lady and so just use a spoon. Your mileage may vary.Spiced plums and yoghurt

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