Feedback loops with SEO and diets

This may be the most unrewarding thing on the internet. The process is: January –  Do some stuff, write some content, make some links from other sites. April – get more traffic. Spend time figuring out what it is that actually worked.Do the same stuff in Feb and March and then get more or less traffic in May and June. Wonder why something that worked one month, didn’t work the next.

Working on my current project has entirely confirmed my belief that SEO is an arcane science and that Google is losing the way as the search engine that finds what you are looking for. Quite frequently you will find 2 or 3 pages of sites that either list lots of different types of what you are looking for, with links off to other sites, rather than a link directly to where you could actually buy it i.e.  espresso cups gives you pages of sites which all aggregate content from other sites. Annoying. It’s no wonder the second thing people do after getting that kind of result is go straight to a big name brand and search there (Amazon or John Lewis in my case) (Don’t ask why I was searching for espresso cups, I don’t even drink coffee)

Luckily the feedback loop with dieting is not quite as long but it is almost as unrewarding. Eat & drink stuff one week, lose weight. Do the exact same thing the week after, gain 1 kg. Eat less the week after, lose 3 kgs. Repeat. Gain 1kg. It’s enough to drive a sane woman mad.  Who knows?

My weight is slowly dropping tho, so something is working.