Totally failed on the veggies & steamed fish thing

Ended up drinking wine and eating curry with that demon woman Kirsten. Very evil. Excellent curry tho, you really can’t go wrong with the Raj on King street.

And I am still dreaming about those bloody cheese & pesto straws. Pesto & parmesan cheese straws


Really easy to make.

Purchase some puff pastry, a jar of pesto (I used some wild rocket pesto but usually use Simon’s home made stuff) and some parmesan (or Grana Padana or something else equally hard).

Heat oven to 200C. Roll out pastry to a large rectangle. Smear pesto over the top half of the pastry. Only exactly half. Make sure you go all the way to the edges. Finely grate parmesan or your chosen hard cheese and cover the pesto half of the pastry. I like quite a bit here. Then carefully, fold the non-pesto’d side over the pesto’d side and roll out a little more – working the parmesan & pesto into the pastry a little. Then using a sharp knife cut diagonally into strips about 1 cm wide. Wider if you like. Try and make them equal otherwise they cook funny. Once cut, place on a lightly oiled (I love that phase) tray/baking parchment or something similar. Twist them up slightly when placing them. Just a few twists is optimum – the pastry will puff up loads.