Roast gammon, asparagus & red cabbage

It’s a traditional boxing day dinner I believe but we managed it on the 27th. It was delicious – salty meat, fresh asparagus and sweet cabbage all combining to be deliciously flavoured with a hit of honey & mustard from the jus.

All entirely made by Simon.

Gammon, red cabbage & asparagus

Gammon was straight in the oven (no boiling or soaking), scored the fat a little and covered it in foil until the last 30 mins when he drizzled a mix of honey & mustard over it. The asparagus were done on the griddle pan with a some crushed garlic and butter. And the red cabbage was fried in a little butter, had some orange juice & sugar added to it and left to cook in the saucepan for about an hour. I recommend it all.