New Years Resolutions

I do this every year and well, I didn’t get very far last year in making more than 1. However, I think I stuck to it pretty well. I have only procrastinated stuff that doesn’t really matter (the washing up, doing laundry, going to the supermarket, throwing away the strange ribbons for hanging clothes up and not leaving them lying round the bedroom) and have done most of the important things swiftly. This was a good resolution as it feels like a habit now and not a chore doing stuff straight away.

I’ve been pretty pro-active and organised in nearly everything now and really, the more organised you are, the more time you get to sit on the sofa staring blankly at the TV. Which is definitely a satisfying option.

So, what’s next for 2011 – Resolutions?

  1. Sit up straight. Damnit, I slouch like a slouchy thing. It’s not doing my back any good but more importantly it makes me look fat. Vanity is a good driver in this.
  2. Wear all the clothes in my cupboard. Not all at once. I have been on a bit of a rampage recently and have purchased quite a bit of new clothing. Some of it is unsuitable for the currently weather situation (which is awful. ) but all of it fits and looks nice so I should just wear it more often. Take more care of my appearance.
  3. The usual, keep up the 8-10 portions of fruit and veggies back again, exercise 4-5 times a week (I’m really looking forwards to the snow melting enough so that I can go for a run, I’m going a bit stir crazy, might even go to the gym tonight), be healthy, whinge less, sleep more (actually, this may not be possible, I am already most slug-like)

Things I am contemplating doing in 2011.

This bit is definitely more exciting.

  1. Pay my mum back the last of the money I owe her. I am so close now that it almost hurts.
  2. Learn to ski. I am so excited about this. We have booked a trip to Meribel for March and I can’t wait for it. I am mildly worried about the cold (not dealing well with it) but I am excited about it. Magical snow paradises! Sliding down slopes in a professional format! Not falling over instantly.
  3. More holidays. we did some fantastic trips last year but were constrained by finances by a large degree and so are planning more holidays but at a cheaper cost. Am currently reviewing the Cape Verde Islands. Which look beautiful.
  4. Get my eyes lasered. I am actually in a state of excitement about this. I would prefer to have it done as soon as possible but am hoping that January sales might occur.
  5. Visit the dentist. Last visit was April 2008 when I had the Epic Wisdom Tooth Extraction I note I didn’t write about it properly but a short précis would be – Spunk £450 on having twilight sedation & have teeth broken off of jaw,  then violent allergic reaction to anti-biotics, days in bed, feelings of extreme death, fainting and general malaise. Then having to go back to work while still ill as project went all shit. Yeah. I am still having mild fear issues on the dentist but I really should go.
  6. Decorate the flat. I painted the bathroom the other day. It was a disgusting shade of orange, IN YOUR FACE ORANGE and now is a lovely bright sky blue. It feels instantly cleaner, larger and brighter. I feel less rage when I walk in there in the mornings. Currently plans (ever changing) mean that the lounge / dining room will be chocolate brown and stone with red(or pale blue) accessories. Our bedroom will be bright red walls with black or midnight blue sheets. The spare room will be greys and sands. The hallway will be something a bit brighter than it currently is – have to get rid of the IN YOUR FACE ORANGE ‘feature walls’.

Things I need to cook in 2011.

  1. More soup. I did lots of awesome soup a few years ago and it was great. I am going to try all sorts with different ingredients. I must stop using butternut all the time. I fancy a minted lettuce soup and perhaps a cauliflower cheese soup.
  2. Huevos rancheros – A hearty, satisfying breakfast of eggs, salsa and corn tortillas. How can this be bad?
  3. More fancy cooking – I want to try a goats cheese mouse, coconut foam, julienning something, more use of the mandolin, making pasta, gnocchi and try making cheese- probably labneh to start with.
  4. Things with fresh herbs. Must get some fresh herbs. My lovely mother gave us a rosemary plant and it is being used loads at the moment, plus makes the kitchen smell lovely.
  5. I will get rosti right. They have been abject grey failures the last few times I have cooked them. Which is distressing as I love them.
  6. Souffle. I have never made one. We have ramekins. I will do this. Cheese obviously.
  7. Southern friend chicken. I have new options on this and I will get something that is as good as KFC but not as likely to kill me.
  8. Filo pastry – well I wasn’t planning on making it from scratch but I have never used it with a good result and would like to try that awesome sounding feta, butternut, chilli and spinach tart.
  9. I am also going to figure out some way of storing recipes in a portable format.