Butternut pesto soup

It really is impossible to photograph soup nicely. Especially when it’s a faintly sludgey colour with a faintly speckled surface.

On the plus side (always look on the bright side …) it tastes just delicious.



Roast 1/2 a large Butternut squash for about 45 minutes (chopped into large cubes)  (I realise this means a lot of subjectivity but really, you need enough large chunks to cover the bottom of saucepan) (I chucked some rice bran oil & some cumin seeds over the butternut as it was roasting and smooshed it all around. Okay, I didn’t, but Simon did)

Then add all the butternut & the oils into a saucepan and fry gently for a few minutes. Cover with stock (I used chicken but veg stock would be fine too) and leave to simmer until the butternut is very soft.

Blend with a stick blender.

Wipe down worktops & face. (You may not need to do this)

Add 3 large teaspoons of pesto and taste.

Serve with sour cream.