Apparently, blogging has peaked

It’s terribly hard to know that I’m on a downward spiral now.According to Gawker

In other words, the internet is becoming more and more populated by normal people and less and less by nerds! This may soothe or alarm you, depending on which category you fall into.

It gets worse! Blogging is now an old person’s game.

That’s right: blogging is an old person thing now. Have you ever seen Jeff Jarvis? There’s your prototypical blogger. This was inevitable. Full sentences are an awful waste of characters

This is devastating.

Obviously I’m being slightly tongue in cheek here but I am mostly unsurprised by this. With blogging being a way for companies to keep newsup to date, being useful as an SEO tactic and being very well accepted as a way of communicating, it’s unsurprising that it has become so mainstream now. And as we all know, mainstream is boring and we’re all interested in being percieved as slightly edgy and underground.

Luckily, I am very aware that I am not even the remotest way edgy or underground and am fully ready to embrace my decline and fall as I blog my way into the future. If I’m lucky, it will be like clothing and in another few years, it will be trendy again. In fact, as I am now old enough to see things like neon, stirrup pants and shoulderpadded dresses come back into fashion (YAY!) I would hope that blogging will be back in fashion soon. The digital roundabout moves slightly faster than the fashion roundabout so I expect it’ll take another 3 years or so.

This is because I have just realised that I missed the 7th anniversary of this blog. I don’t think I’ve committed to anything for this long before, and I’ve had a couple of hiatuses but really, I should be rather pleased. I also pretty much now own 2 pages of Google search results for Funkabubble which is rather nice, but am still trumped by Nevada’s Number 1 Realtor for my real name. I think it’s a moustache bias, he has a very impressive one.