Home made curry & naan breads

Chicken tikka masala & roasted sweet potatoHome made naan breads

I love naan breads. Specifically garlic naan and after our visit to Dishoom on saturday, cheese naan breads. I love the crispy outside and the soft fluffy centre and the delicious garlicy bits. So after viewing a recipe for roasted garlic naan bread and seeing how straight-forwards it was, I had to make it. But obviously, as I can’t just follow a recipe without making changes I decided to mimic the cheesey naan bread. I rolled the dough out thinner on those and folded them around the slices of cheese and then flattened and poked them to make the dimples. It was lovely and melty inside.

I’m not a huge fan of chicken tikka masala. Usually. I was over exposed to it when I first came to England and have held it in disdain ever since preferring with tomatoey hot curry or a nice mild korma style curry. But I had pretty much everything in, and a little tikka masala paste to use up so I bit the bullet and made it. The recipe appears to make a metric ton of curry as I made half portions of this recipe and there is still enough for about 3 people. Substituting onions with shallots and using more curry paste than actually required. Served it with some roasted sweet potatoes with chilli flakes as we’re trying to limit carbs to a certain degree.