Not the dreadful 90s Irish band (ugh, puke) but the fruit. It’s quite rare to find fresh cranberries in the usually rubbish supermarkets that I frequent so when I spotted a bag of fresh cranberries in Waitrose last night, I immediately bought some, even tho I had no idea what I could make with them.

I think I shall make some cranberry and goats cheese biscuits. These are a savoury american style biscuit that Americans eat with breakfast. They’re usually crumbly and flakey and absolutely delicious spread with a little butter. Aren’t they pretty?


I think I shall also try a fresh and healthy apple, cinnamon and cranberry tart or crumble.

Or perhaps these cranberry and pistachio brownies. I think they would make a nice present for people. All those in favour of getting brownies for Xmas raise your hands ….