I love Amazon Shipping Updates

They are so utterly nonsensical. I got one this afternoon for a package that was delivered this morning. And about 5 on Saturday for stuff that hasn’t been delivered at all yet. I realise that the OMGSNOW has affected everything or it might be the TRAVELCHAOS but who knows what’s going on. It’s all like magic, things just turn up when and where they will.

In other news, I am cooking fancy dinner on Wednesday evening for Supper club and I am still torn over the pastry menu. I think I shall do melktart for dessert because it is lovely but might do something non-pastry related for main course. Phil has sent me a load of really delicious suggestions so I might pick one of those or I might have to do something out of one of my little used cookbooks. I buy them, I look at them a little bit and then I just go back to the internet. Doh.