Planning fancy dinners

How do you go about doing such things? Do you decide on a main course and then work from there, thinking of things to go with that or do you base everything on a theme or do you go for a cuisine and then go from there?

I’m doing dinner for a few friends in a couple of weeks – they are all foodies and really interested in nice things and they have all made dinner for the group in the last few months and I’d like to return the favour. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think that I fancy making, are all encased in pastry. Which is a bit weird – pastry themed dinner anyone? It’s like the infamous Double-Pie nights that my friend Naomi does (awesome btw).

So, pastry themed dinner

Goats cheese and red pepper tartlets

Beef Wellington
honey glazed carrots, mashed potato and lightly buttered green beans

Milk tart and cinnamon sauce

That’s a bit unhealthy innit?


One thought on “Planning fancy dinners

  1. I wouldn’t go with that much pastry if i were you. One of the most impressive dinners i’ve done was something that evolved over my first season. Five spice and red current duck.

    It’s good because you can go with either a french style starter or a more asiany one to go with the five spice in the duck. Personally with duck I’d follow with a rich dark chocolate tart.

    I’ll email you the recipe…

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