Get excited and do things

I like to live life without goals. I really hate them and they bring out my rebellious nature, the minute I set myself a goal or someone sets me one, I do everything in my power to rebel against it and subvert every attempt to stick to it. Like the time I signed up for a half marathon and then immediately stopped running. I’d been running about 10 miles a week at that stage. Doh!

Weightloss is another goal I’ve been rebelling against for ages. Too many voices saying ‘why bother’, ‘it’s soul-destroying to live without nice food’ and ‘you’re not really that overweight’ rang in my head but really, having been to see the nutritionist, I am overweight and it was affecting my health. Man that sounds pretentious but really, I’m just a bit sick of feeling a bit rubbish all the time, and the side effect of getting healthy, is getting serious about what I eat and I am now steadily losing weight. Awesome. Different goals are good.

Anyway, back to goals. They can be very hard taskmasters if you’re not careful. I am a firm believer that you have to enjoy the process of getting somewhere as much as you do the achievement. This is why I am never sure that I would sign up to run a marathon or set a goal of earning XX a year. It sounds soul-destroying.

So I think I am going to stick to getting excited about stuff and going out to do them. If I lose focus on it, then really, it can’t be that important for me. I shall be aimless but happy. No more goals.

Things I am currently excited about:-

  • moving house. STRESS but can’t wait for space and newness
  • work. Next week we start with Phase 2 of the project and so far, it’s all going very well indeed. (Possibly too well however I can see things going wrong as all the american team are off due to thanksgiving so it’s all on hold)
  • Decompression party. Me and the Kevster are heading over to London to dress up and dance like fools all night on the 3rd. I am going as the Mad Hatter and he will be my Alice. He’s going to look so pretty in a frock.
  • I’d say christmas but I’d be lying.
  • My birthday. It’s a surprise but Simon is plotting something. I like surprises when they are nice surprises
  • Skiing. We are going. I have not been before but I can’t wait.

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    • Yo! I have, as of today, booked the 5-12th of March off. January I am launching websites, February is half term and I don’t want to ski with children and so first week March appears to be the best one. Wanna come still?

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