Argentinian steak in Seville

This was pretty bloody amazing. Amidst all the tapas in Seville, we decided that steak was the order of the evening and after mooching around at Casa Mish y Dan for a bit, we headed out at the relatively early dinner time of 10:30. The restaurant was relatively empty but filled up quickly and was totally buzzing at 11:30.

After ordering a bottle of Argentinian red wine – we surveyed the menu and decided a combination platter of steak for main course was in order along with a rocket salad and some nibbly bits of meat for main course.

The rocket salad was delicious – a light dressing plus salted fresh tomatoes and some walnuts over the top. And the nibbly bits of meat were melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Absolutely no idea what they were called, I blame the wine.

The meat is delivered on a burner. with coals down one end which keeps the griddle pan hot and with chips up the other end, just in case your palate requires something that isn’t meat. The restaurant sear the 2 different types of steak first and then bring it to your table, where it is sliced into thick chunks and then you can cook it to your own needs when you are ready for a bit. Obviously not too much as well done steak is a crime.

There was the obligatory basket of bread served with our meal, and really, if you’re going to eat bread, this is what you should be eating. Light, fluffy, tasty and just generally beautifully cooked.

And then there was dessert. This was probably the best cheesecake I have ever had. Totally on a par with McRib of my childhood memories. It was light and fluffy, almost moussey in texture but with a taste of cream cheese and a rich sweetness, which wasn’t too sweet. The coulis over the top and the very minimal biscuit base both enhanced the fluffy cheese cake and did not detract from it’s amazingness. I really need to learn to make cheesecake like this. They didn’t keep it in a fridge either, which definitely made it taste better. Strangely more creamy than not.

And we didn’t finish our meal and they very obligingly provided us with a doggie bag. I fear Mish & Dan were slightly embarrassed by my wish to take the remains home but it’s ingrained now, I can’t abide waste and I knew we’d eat it again. Mmmm. Deliciousness itself.


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  1. they took me there it was wicked! we turned down the cheese cake though as it looked weird. A decission i’m now regretting!

    mi enchanta las comidas de argentina. les carnes esta fantastico!

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