Terrible House mate stories

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I still don’t understand why American’s call housemates, roommates – it’s not like they share a room with them …

But there are some great stories out there. I have gotten off pretty lightly in the weird housemate stakes.

1. The man who only came out at night. Seriously, we never saw him but about 11ish he’d go and clean the kitchen. That was pretty much it. And then he left after 3 months after never paying his rent. He was definitely creepy.

2. The girl with the endless parade of men. Way too many to keep up with, there was a  continual stream of men wandering through the flat and eventually she met this bloke about 6inches shorter than her who had a bad case of Angry Little Man syndrome and spent every evening we went out with them picking fights with bigger blokes, getting thrown out of pubs and nightclubs and fighting down dark alley ways. Mmm lovely.

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