London musings

After spending the weekend there, I was quite shocked at how different I found it. I lived in London for 10 years and really experienced the entire city – I lived in many different areas and either commuted in from places like Surbiton and Twickenham or lived very centrally in places like Camden and Kilburn. I went out regularly, I shopped and worked on Oxford street and I generally lived life to the full with a million gigs, activities and restaurants every week.

And then I went back this weekend for a weekend of mooching around and OH MY GOD, but London is so annoying. The tourists are so annoying, the sheer crush of people is ridiculous and its such a mission getting anywhere. What is happening to me? I loved that city with a passion and swore I’d never leave. And now, two years after leaving, I struggle to go back, can’t bear to do my favourite walk along the south bank and am quite grumpy at being asked for directions (yup, still got the helpful-looking face).

Also, if any of you are feeling charitable, you could support my marvellous boyfriend who is doing Movember. It truly is the best way to see men doing ridiculous things with facial hair in support of a quite nice charity. I obviously have to live with the stupid thing and really, it’s properly amusing. It looks like it’s going down the Burt Reynolds / Magnum branch and really is fairly excellent.