I am currently on the National Express service 40 from London to Bristol after an impromptu trip to the big Smoke. Neither of us could be bothered to drive after driving there and back on Thursday so we booked a coach and a cheap hotel and headed off on Saturday.

We saw Kiri and her lovely family including little Fraser who was very intrigued by Simon. And then ate at Wahaca and then wandered around Bermondsey search for a late night drink and failing miserably.

Sunday morning we ate brunch and then headed to visit Simons friends who had a baby less than 2 weeks ago where he took lots of pics of the baby (really sweet baby boy who was incredibly placid and chilled out).

We then mooched along the south bank from the Design museum to Borough Market taking in the sights with Simon taking the occasional picture and mostly exclaiming over how great it was to have weekends off. Slowly it’s dawning that he’s becoming one of us – the nine to fivers.

The coming week has lots of business to be done- new flats to be organised, new glasses to be picked up and all the associated hassle of moving house to be done. Still, can’t wait for space and the joy of proximity of LIFE to where we live.