Wahaca, Covent Garden

It’s a nice place and a great concept. Mexican market/street food. Created by Thomasina Miers of tv fame. You can’t book, so you take your chances with every other person in waiting for a table. Luckily, this is a pleasant wait, in a medium sized bar area with some great cocktails – I had a hibiscus Margarita while Simons was flavoured with tamarind.

Initially told we would wait for 1 hour and 15 mins, we were seated after 45. And then the food began, we had tortilla chips and fresh and lively guacamole, chicken mole tacos, pork pibil tacos(lovely and spicy), Fresno(mushroom, cheese and spice) and chicken taquitos. The mackerel tacos were delicious but the chorizo and potato enchiladas were a little disappointing.

6 mini plates of food was plenty for us but I has to squeeze in some churros dipped in dark choc. We also tried some proper tequilas – mine was an aged anejo which tasted of caramel and coconut while Simon enjoyed his smokey mescal.

I would definitely try it again especially when the bill was a very reasonable £50(excluding cocktails £6 each)

I’m quite determined to try making chicken mole now. It was delicious. The only thing I didn’t like was that they served wine in these fat-lipped tumblers. They may be recycled and quite cool but they are not cool for wine.

2 thoughts on “Wahaca, Covent Garden

  1. Oh gawd, are they still getting prolonged waiting times? I couldn’t see what was so authentically Mexican about waiting around for an hour in a chilly basement to pay £50 for street food, although it was kinda tasty. Was planning to delay revisit until the hype’s died away, or maybe it never will, because it’s in Covent Garden.

    • Yeah totally. It’s a bit crap waiting around but I now see that there are 4 of them so perhaps not such long waiting times at the other ones?

      It should be the equivalent of Hummous Bros or Pizza Express – quick, easy and cheap. I really fancy making chicken mole and pork pibil so I have added her book to my Amazon shopping basket.

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