Bermondsey Kitchen. Brunch

After being evicted from our hotel room at the exceptionally early time of 10:30 we staggered around Bermondsey seeking sustenance. The Bermondsey Kitchen it was!

We had the worlds most silent waitresses, which made ordering a little tricky but soon enough we had tea, coffee and for Si, an orange, carrot and Ginger juice. Once that arrived, we ordered mushroom florentine for me and scrambled eggs, English muffin and bacon for Si. Once I had discarded the English muffin under mine, I basically nommed all mine in 5 mins flat. Perfectly poached eggs, excellent hollandaise – not too thick, not too claggy, not too sharp – cooked black mushrooms and some truly delicious spinach. Simon’s scrambled eggs were some of the best either of us had ever tried.

Other than the fairly unfriendly service, I’d probably go there again, the food was that well done. It’s an open kitchen and the chef looked very calm as he worked his way through a steady stream of orders. Perhaps I am just used to the friendliness of Bristol waitresses and waiters….