New posh flat!

Hopefully without jinxing anything, we have found a new home. It’s a huge victorian flat in a lovely part of town. Right near one of my lovely friends and is a nice friendly community. It’s huge. I think the living room is about the size of our entire current flat and the bedrooms are both huge and comfortable. the kitchen is approximately double the size of our current kitchen and our landlord is going to put a dishwasher into the kitchen. Which is brilliant!

He’s also promised to get the entire flat professionally cleaned before we move in and we can pick and choose which furniture of his we want. It has the most enormo dining room table which is just perfect for us and our love of entertaining. Also, a fireplace, a breakfast bar and a roof garden area for herbs and stuff.

So… anyone fancy helping us move? I am more than a little tempted to see how much movers would cost.

Pictures coming soon!