Calm before the storm

aka the boredom before the mayhem hits. We have a deadline which is not very far away and have a lot to do before then but we can’t start just yet, the CMS isn’t quite ready!

So, update on things I am currently interested in.:-

  1. Living with minimalism.
    I’m reading a bunch of blogs from people who advocate living with 50 possessions or less and basically live and work a totally minimal lifestyle.  It’s a way of getting away from the high-cost and ultimately unsatisfying consumerist life that so many of us subscribe too.  Some people live in a way that keeps them in permanent debt and wage slavery for years because of the demands and ‘need’ that they feel that they need to have stuff.

    I like stuff as much as the next person but really can’t bear the idea of being a slave to work all my life and I’m working on having no debts, savings and the ability to be able to not work for longer periods of time than your standard 2 weeks off. I really like this guys blog – Everett Bogue’s Blog. He’s a real campaigner for the lifestyle and totally lives what he speaks.

  2. Pumpkin.
    I think that every second blog post in my RSS feed is about pumpkin. I’ve had some great ideas but most of them are quite sweet and so shall have to be made in small doses. Never fear. There shall be more pumpkin on this blog.
  3. Cooking.
    I think my mojo is back. I’m going to be doing some more interesting things soon. Tomorrow night is likely to be lamb neck with buttered little gem and Friday is likely to be something involving pork belly and garlic puree.
  4. the Fashion Police. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and they really are doing some sterling work. Especially their top ten fashion crimes from October.
  5. Office Gossip
    I know it’s bad. I know it’s wrong but its so great to know that there are some utter weirdos out there. Not that any one can every match the Throat Clearing Man.
  6. Property Porn.
    House hunting is awesome. There are some amazing places out there. Lots of converted churches for some strange reason.
  7. Crazy eye make up.
    It’s back and I am definitely obsessed. I have neon blue mascara, am searching frantically for some cherry red eyeshadow(purchased! Thank you BarryM) and am looking for a GOSH Fushia eyeliner. It’s great. So many crazy colours. So many cool things to do.
  8. Reflective things. I’m going to start cycling again so have purchased some reflective tape which I am going to wind around the spokes of my bicycle so that people can see me. I am going to be like some crazy reflecting thing. With more lights. Must get more lights as well.
  9. Foiling Simon’s plans for stupid xmas trees.
    Currently he’s demanding this delightful, ever snowing tree. Perched on it’s own umbrella so that it doesn’t make a mess, it continually spouts snow. I like the warning on the website – Do not use anywhere near a breeze. Oooh lovely, don’t leave the window open otherwise it’ll liberally decorate your house with small polystyrene balls. Just what you need in time for Xmas.

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