Summary – the 2 week plan

I’m impressed firstly that I lasted so long. My extremely short attention span definitely has room for improvement but 14 days of no carbs, lots and lots of veggies and some good quality protein went reasonably well.

The exercise went well for the first 10 days and I managed twice a day for every day and then just hit a wall and spent 3 days in a state of extreme weariness where I could barely manage to climb the 5 floors of stairs at work let alone run or work out.

So results. They were mixed. My IBS is still not right and I think I’m going to continue onwards with this. I’m definitely going to continue with the smaller meal sizes but I can’t face the 4 meals a day thing again. I think I need more bulky vegetables and will possibly eat more salad leaves.

Weight loss – I really was expecting to lose a lot more but ended up losing 6lbs. Which ain’t bad but given the amount of sheer hard work in the exercise department I put in, I am disappointed. I was hungry quite a bit until ketosis kicked in and I guess I could have eaten less but I’m not sure how.

The supplements on the other hand seem to be okay and I shall continue to take them. Cooking with coconut oil is definitely a nicer, cleaner taste so I shall continue with that and the oils are excellent. I utterly hate the Supergreens and wish I had bought it in pill form but I shall struggle on with it.

So, plans are the following…

More low carbing from tomorrow until the 13th Nov. Then I have a weekend off as I am going to Seville. I think the trick is to plan in some treat periods rather than just having the DIET stretching into the future.
Continue with the exercising 5 or 6 days a week. I went for a run yesterday after my 3 days off and man it was great. I was noticeably fitter and faster and managed just over 2 miles with only a few walk breaks. I also did a gym session on saturday which was from my Matt Roberts program and it was brilliant, I felt totally pumped. I can’t wait to do that again. I never thought I’d be all excited about exercise but I am really looking forwards to my run tonight.