Count down

  • to the weekend (3 hours)
  • to the end of the 2 week hard-core stage of this diet ( 1.5 days)
  • to some technology actually working sooner rather than later (who knows? my guys are working on it)

I haven’t got lots of plans for the weekend but tomorrow will be mainly exercising and some light shopping. Tonight I may make it to the gym or might go for a run. I’m not sure which yet.

In other news, i went to Ikea yesterday and didn’t buy anything. I did however find some nice curtains, but did not purchase them due to imminent moving plans. photo(5)

They are lovely and dark grey with embossed embroidery over the top. I think they will go with the planned new sofa. Our current sofa is missing a leg, propped up on books and has the most infuriating cushions known to mankind. I also hate having a throw on it. No new things until we have moved.