Controlling impulse spending

from today’s Guardian

Control impulse spending with a "30-day list" The bloggers Leo Babauta, at, and JD Roth, at, both recommend keeping a dated note of non-essential stuff you want to buy, and resolving to wait 30 days. The rule "works especially well because you aren’t denying yourself", just postponing the pleasure, says Roth – except that half those must-haves seem nowhere near so desirable a month later. (Some fans of the technique even say the act of writing acts as a substitute satisfaction.)

I’m rather keen on this idea. I don’t really have a major impulse spending problem any more but am definitely still over-excited about buying stuff. Which is silly if I don’t really really need it. I do spend when I’m bored but I’m not really into wandering around the shops a lot, and prefer to shop online.

I have some pretty cool and exciting things to save for at the moment so I am trying to not shop very much but I am in need of some things – more boots, underwear, jumpers, jeans, a winter coat – I forgot how infuriating last years was with the continually falling off buttons issue. And the itchy nose thing – I think the fibres must be properly itchy as it makes me sneeze more than usual.

And our sofa is on it’s last legs. Well, it only had 3 to start with so it really needs replacing. Poor sofa. And it would be nice to have curtains that meet in the middle but they really could wait.

Things to save for:-

  • moving house before we spontaneously combust due to lack of space
  • holiday – skiing is a need not a want this year, and I would really like to go and see my lovely father
  • car – one that has things that work properly. Current Car of Joy is a stopgap measure but we will need a new one in March or so

On the plus side, the lovely boyfriend managed to land himself a much better paying job which starts next week and will make a big difference to him. I’m so pleased for him, he’s going to be much happier being out his current job which was fine but he’d been bored. He is going to be working very hard tho so the next 4 months are going to be manic.

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