Tuesday Report

Again, I like a nice random day for my reports. It’s been 10 days since I started.

  1. Food

    I thought 4 meals a day sounded ideal when I began. I love eating and I love cooking. It should be a total win. It has however added a whole new level of complexity for my life and I am BORED and sick of it. Also, I am not really that hungry any more. I want a pizza, a chocolate brownie, some figs & goats cheese, raspberries and some french bread. Other than that, I’m not bothered about the low carbs.

  2. Exercise

    I had to have a day off yesterday, a pounding headache and general malaise did not help and I got up early to exercise and had to go back to bed for an hour to try and alleviate the headache. Didn’t work so I ended up going home early from work and collapsing in a small heap. Ugh. On the other hand, I have done exercise twice a day for pretty much every day of the plan and I now ache gently everywhere and feel very very weary.

  3. IBS

    Yeah. still average. Mostly alright, no pains but definitely not normal, or indeed what I perceive as normal. The Foul Green Drink appears to be upsetting my stomach but I shall putting it in a smoothy (protein shake) tomorrow and see if that works. Quite possibly it’s a case of too much change in too short a space of time and re-introducing it will be fine.

  4. Weight

    I have gone from 12’2 to 11’9 so far. Which is 7″ loss. Half a stone. Or 3 and a bit kilograms. Which is nice. But I wanted more. Fussy fussy. Still 4 more days to go and I shall report back then. I didn’t take a photo at the beginning of the exercise but I’m sure I can find one or two.