I am totally sick of thinking and planning food

Words I never thought I’d say.  It’s the 4 meals a day thing. And the making sure that they are all balanced etc. It’s a serious struggle trying to think of them all. I did plan out the two weeks but haven’t managed to eat the second weeks plan properly due to buying things that were on special and now I’m all gone to pot. Well, not literally, but I shall have to restart planning now. The fridge is mostly empty now – ish – and I know I am going out tomorrow evening so I am okay.

So today
B- 2 sausages & 1 egg.
L – lamb, spinach, 2 huge tomatoes, rocket
L2 – no idea. But I’m not hungry and I have a meeting between 4 & 6:30 and the a drive home. Might buy some cashews.
D – fish, salad, avocado, broccoli cheese

I have already been for a run this morning. Tonight I shall have to miss swimming because of this silly meeting and will have to do the Hell Dvd again or perhaps something else.

B- Protein shake
L -2 sausages, mushrooms & asparagus.
L2 – chicken, avo, pinenuts, rocket salad
D – chicken shaslik, salad. We are going out. Hopefully. Unless we go dog racing. In which case I don’t know.

I can manage all that.