Today’s Food

9am – Breakfast.

2 Sainsbury Taste the Difference Pork & Apple Sausages. mmm. Quite delicious. They were cold as I cooked them last night but they really were excellent. This is not the picture of them.




12 – Lunch.

Pesto chicken, goats cheese, pine nuts, tomatoes, salad. A small mix of oil & white wine vinegar. Home made pesto made with rocket and basil, parmesan and pine nuts. There was a lot more lettuce hiding under the chicken. It also looks a lot bigger than it was.


eggs4pm – Lunch number 2.

2 Hardboiled eggs. I think it must be YEARS since I have had hard boiled eggs. They were delicious. I should have had some courgette soup as well but there was a fail on that.



IMG_00828pm – Dinner.

Ducks Legs, roasted chilli broccoli, griddled courgette ribbons (basted in garlic first) and one roasted tomato. I couldn’t finish the duck. The duck was delicious. Cooked according to these instructions I totally recommend it.  Especially when duck legs are half price at the Dreaded Sainsbo.


I meant to have mushrooms with breakfast but forgot. That was all quite good. I should have had some veggies with Lunch 2 but the soup looked so minging that I couldn’t face it.

So, anyone else have a partner who can recite most of the lines from nearly every 80s cult movie? First Top Gun and now Raiders of the Lost Ark?