Thursday Report

I’m not 100% why I’m reporting on Thursday but it’s the 5th day of my diet/regime/blast and I feel like I should say something about it.

I feel a bit lousy to be honest. But I don’t think that it’s the regime, I think I’ve just got a bit of a cold and a massive stonking headache from staring at my computer screen too much.  I am, to be honest, lost in a world of excel pain and I am hoping to be finished with it today and then I can get back to being a normal project manager.

Diet Report

1. Food 8/10

I like it. I’m a bit fed up with eating 4 times a day as it often clashes with meetings and also, the fat that I have to eat at similar times each day is going to be a killer on the weekend. I am dreaming about a lie in but instead I have to get up at 7ish and do exercise, then eat and then I’ll be too awake for going back to bed.
On the plus side, I’m eating all the things I enjoy – steak, mushrooms, pak choi, lots of lovely interesting salads (rocket, walnuts, olives, capers and a little smooth goats cheese) and I’m hungry occasionally – usually last thing at night or if I’m not on schedule with my plan. I don’t mind being hungry though but I did think that I would get into ketosis which should have killed the hunger.
Last night Liz made the most amazing Halibut dish. She took a HUGE piece of fish, and baked it topped with celery and carrots plus an absolutely wicked salad of cress, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, nuts & seeds and roasted fennel. All topped with some balsamic reduction.
I’m sticking to my portion sizes but quite frequently have move salad/veggies than suggested which I hope is alright but can’t see it doing any harm.
Tonight is some crispy chicken, pak choi and pepper stirfry. Tomorrow night is bolognaise & roasted broccoli & salad.

2. Exercise. 7/10

Jesus but I am tired. I feel like I could sleep for a week and my muscles ache. Not a sharp ache like I’d had a good solid workout but more a dull ache like everything had been over-used. Which I guess it has been. If you’ve seen my previous post about my exercise schedule, you’ll see that it is quite exacting. Today I went for a run and it was proper cold. I mean, melt your teeth cold. It was about 0C. I’m really going to need a hat, gloves and to start wearing my windproof jacket. I have had to go and purchase some more exercise gear tho – thank god for M&S as it has loads of good stuff for cheap. I have a new thermal top and 2 pairs of long pants which are excellent.
I’m not minding the exercise though. I am really enjoying the runs in the morning (except todays as I was cold cold cold and didn’t warm up until about 5 mins before I got back) and I’m quite looking forwards to the Hell DVD tonight.

3. IBS symptoms. 5/10

Average. I was feeling better until yesterday where things went a bit wrong and I felt a lot crap. Much better today but still feeling slightly nauseous intermittently and really rather flat. Maybe I was expecting too much too soon and I need more weeks of clean eating.

4. Weight loss. 5/10

Average. I am not thin yet. Damnit. I think I’ve lost 3lbs but I haven’t actually worn my glasses when weighing myself so it could be anything really. Stupid scales. They should talk to me. It had better hurry up, I am slightly disappointed with that loss, stupidly I guess, but I was hoping for more given the sheer volume of exercise vs the smallness of my food.


Right, back to the excel hell. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!