Okay, I admit it ..

I can’t give up tea. I have cut down but I can’t get below about two cups a day. I’ve swapped 2 of the usual cups for green tea (which I really hate unless it’s the stuff with lemon in it) and have at least 2 cups of rooibos as well. I am getting jittery without my tea fix and really unhappy since not having any on Sunday or Monday. I broke today and had one cup with sweetener not sugar and feel a little better but obviously my caffeine addiction is worse than I thought. Which is ridiculous given I usually have about 4 cups of tea a day which barely add up to one cup of coffee.


Also my Urban Decay lipglass smells like marmite. I’m not sure about it at all.

One thought on “Okay, I admit it ..

  1. Jittery? If you’re not seeing white spots in front of your eyes you have some way to go.

    If it’s not Ristretto’s you’re being weak.

    Tea? Caffiene? Amateur… 😉

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