Payday treats!

Yay. You can tell that I am now a grown up as the first thing I did when I got paid was to pay all my debts off (yes, 31 years of age and still borrowing money from my mother). Aren’t we all proud?

Next on the agenda was a little light shopping. In the last week the weather has dramatically changed and it’s now what is commonly known as ‘berluddy freezing’. So I ordered some boots, big chunky winter boots. And some hair stuff. Because we all need nice hair when it’s cold.

I am also going to book a little cheap Ryanscare flight to Malaga and then hop a train to Seville and go and see the Marvellous Mishka. I am very excited. She had better be excited. There will be drinking of Tinto di Verano and possibly some eating of tapas.

In other news, I have headphones in and I can STILL hear the guy from the office next door. I can usually hear him when the door is shut too. In fact, I can hear him when both my office door and his office door are shut. I don’t really mind the noise, he sounds very jolly and genial and at least he isn’t whinging.

2 thoughts on “Payday treats!

  1. What in the hell is he doing in there?

    You didn’t specify what it was you could hear him doing, and based on past performances it’s a terrifying bit of brain imagery at present.

    • Well, it’s certainly not as bad as the legend that was the ‘Throat-clearing-wonderboy’ from Elsevier. It’s just his talking really. It sounds very nonsensical and developery-ish.

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