Funk 2.0

That’s right ya’ll. I’m currently engaged in working on the new and improved Funk. After the last few months of intermittent gym going and slowly getting into shape, I’m stepping things up a level. I have consulted with the Nutritionist ( the lovely Jamie Richards) and reviewed my Matt Roberts book of exercise programs and I’m starting progress on getting back into a decent shape rather than just a slightly wobbly and unfit shape.

The next two weeks promise to be a fairly hardcore start to a new routine but it’s going to be the best thing ever. I’m aiming to:

  1. balance out my blood sugars so that I have lots of energy
  2. eat lots of vegetables to get the intermittent IBS under control
  3. get lots of exercise and fresh air to help with the weight loss
  4. take some supplements to help with headaches and the IBS
  5. look a lot more streamlined and generally tone up.

This ain’t a quick 2 week program but is going to be a new way of eating forever. Obviously it will stop being as strict as it is and I shall slowly get back into a more normal routine but there will be things that will have to stick with me forever if I don’t want to lose weight and then put it straight back on again.

I’m really pleased to have a plan that I know will work, that’s been recommended for me by someone who actually knows what he’s doing and that should help with the pain that I have.

I am not looking forwards to a couple of things tho.

  1. No tea
  2. Getting up early to exercise in the mornings.
  3. No eating out.

Still, it’s a small price to pay for feeling 100% better and looking better.