Internet shopping

Currently I am doing the internet equivalent of drifting around the shops gently stroking things and fondly pretty clothes. It’s really not particularly helpful. Especially given that I don’t really want to buy clothes until I’ve lost a little bit of weight. (More later)

I’m considering some rocking of the caped crusader look. I like a nice bit of swishing and swirling going on with my jeans and I think it’ll be a good look for me. Unlike the Man Repeller (who I love), I shall not be wearing it with a turban.

Not that Turbans are bad. More than I have hair issues. Oh. Maybe I should wear a turban actually.


On the plus side, if my feet shrank at all, then I’d be resorting to wearing children’s shoes. Oh. I already do. Anyway, hooves don’t tend to shrink when you lose weight so I am considering some of these. I realise that I am jumping on the worker boot bandwagon but yes. Wicked, I love flat, scruffy looking boots. How could you possibly go wrong?


They don’t call me Wardrobe of Shame for nothing. As I would consider wearing them with this very pretty but really quite loud dress ….