Shock! Horror! Good customer service from huge company

Our phone wasn’t working so last night I steeled my nerves, gathered up my courage and in the words of my old PE teacher – pulled myself towards myself – and called Virgin.

After a slightly painful conversation, the woman on the phone did all the tests she could, determined that it was a fault at our end. And she said the terrifying words … let me see when a technician will be free.

I waited. Having heard the horror stories of waiting weeks and weeks for assistance and finally she said. Would tomorrow between 12 and 4 be okay for you?


Simon called me at 1:30 from our newly working landlane to report that it was all done, we were fixed and back to normal.

More gobsmacked.

2 thoughts on “Shock! Horror! Good customer service from huge company

  1. Now that is “good” service! Unlike our Telkom who took over one and a half months to respond to my dead work line. Too late for them, I had already said I was going to NEOTEL. It could have cost me customers had they not called me on the cell phone.

    Vodacon “lost” my number later this year…

    +27 11 023 6947 (Neotel), during work hours.

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