You must declutter.

I admit I’m not good with being ordered around. But my extensive decluttering process has been on-going for what feels like forever. Well, since 2007. I have gotten rid of most of the shit from the internet-shopping years, most of the shit from the boredom years and everything from the shopping-with-hangover years. This is quite a success as it means that 90% of my belongings are things I actually quite like and want.

The sofa is excluded from this as I hate the bastarding thing with its ridiculously unstable cushions, the two-tone nature of it (I took the cover off to wash it and it was too much effort to get it back on again so I threw it away) and the sheer discomfort of sitting on it. It basically is a blight on my existence. I can’t face buying a new one tho as the ones I would like – comfy, larger and nice – will not fit round the strange z shape of my doorway. So the only solution is to move house.

Simon on the other hand, tripped over one of my plastic tables the other day and still has a ridiculously coloured bruised toe. Unfortunately I can’t laugh at him because the table is see through perspex and it was in a silly place. I feel slightly guilty about my see-through tables now and am considering getting rid of them.

Still. It’s exciting being slightly more streamlined even if I do have an entire suitcase of clothes I don’t want to get rid of because I may or may not fit into them next summer. It could be worse, I could have 2 suitcases.

The bike shed is almost ready to be used now and I am getting very excited about not having bikes in the flat. There will be so much space AND more importantly, the vague-guilt I have every morning when I leave for work on the bus will be alleviated when I can’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind and I refuse to be made to feel guilty by a bicycle.

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  1. happiness is throwing away all the clothes that you don’t fit in to and accepting yourself as you are!

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