A slightly satanic moment

I must be having a bit of a dark spell at the moment as I am currently reading 2 books. Both of which feature the devil. You know the one I mean, the bad guy in the Christian religion …  Commonly featured with horns, a tail and cloven hooves. I feel a certain sympathy with him, I have very small feet and more often than not, my feet are compared to hooves. Or perhaps it’s my sunny and delightful nature? Who knows.

First on the pile is I, Lucifer: the other side of the story which is pretty much making me howl with laughter on every page. It’s sarcastic, well written and generally very very amusing. The central character is written from the first person perspective which is not my usual style of reading but he’s such a very engaging character that it feels like he’s talking to you. It is also rude, irreverent and really well observed. The author makes great use of the English language and it is very descriptive which occasionally means that the story doesn’t flow as fast as I would like but it hasn’t detracted from my enjoyment. Superb.

My second satanic book is Sympathy for the Devil and while sharing a name with that stupid song would normally put me off, it’s a small price to pay for a set of short stories by some of the best authors around. I’m only half way through it so far so I can’t tell you which is my favourite story.

Feeling dark? Anyone got any other devilishly good books to recommend?