Also, who buys 5 marmite cheeses?

Stack of 5 marmite cheeses

Yeah. Ridiculous innit?

Stash from the cheese festival

That’s our stash from the Cheese Festival. It was slightly shocking what 7 people can do with casein based products. Not all mine but also, Mr Frisky’s, LizbOnlines’ and some of the other usual suspects.

It was a great day out in the environs of Cardiff Castle, surrounded by fellow cheese-obsessives. Quite excellent indeed. Lovely weather, great company and of course, the cheese. We liked so many but a few deserve a special mention :-

Oxford Isis – a brie type cheese that is washed in honey mead. Amazing.

Evenlode No 1 – the cheese made by that self-obsessed twat – Alex James, formerly of Blur, now of Somerset – a lovely light goats cheese.

Ryan – from White Lake cheeses, which is a lovely soft goats cheese. We’re going to have it on Wednesday evening sliced in half, baked with garlic and then we’re going to eat the gooey insides out with french bread.

mmmm. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

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