Plymouth Aquarium

It rained one day during our trip to Cornwall and we decided to venture into Plymouth for a trip to swim with the fishies. Or to visit the Aquarium. It was awesome. Not as good as Monterey (which truly was amazing) but it really was quite excellent.Can you spot Simon swimming with the fishes?

Stack of 5 marmite cheeses

Also, who buys 5 marmite cheeses?

Yeah. Ridiculous innit? That’s our stash from the Cheese Festival. It was slightly shocking what 7 people can do with casein based products. Not all mine but also, Mr Frisky’s, LizbOnlines’ and some of the other usual suspects. It was a great day out in the environs of Cardiff Castle, surrounded by fellow cheese-obsessives. Quite…

Wedding party

Si and I went to a wedding on saturday. Or rather a civil ceremony. It was quite lovely. Very relaxed, we were greeted by cocktails and canapés which then went on to be a rather excellent roast dinner. Simon was on full wedding photographer duty but luckily let me take quite a few as well…