Bored of cycling / commuter fatigue

I haven’t cycled to work in almost 2 weeks. I am so bored of cycling, I have lost the love.

I am sad now, I’ve been cycling and been pretty passionate about it for years and now I just can’t be bothered. The sheer hassle involved in hauling my bike out of the flat, finding all the accessories that I need – lights, panniers, waterproofs, clothes for work – is just irritating me massively. And then there is the hauling the bike into the flat when I get home again.

I do love my bike, it’s been my main transport since March when I bought it and I went to a lot of effort to find the right bike for me – it’s built for comfortable commuting and has definitely got it’s use. I’m sure that I will go back to it – the money saving alone will definitely persuade me but for the next few weeks I think I’m going to stick to the bus / car and actually wear some nice clothes for a change.

The Guardian has some advice on the subject but changing my route is near on impossible – there are only 2 routes into town from our place. One along the river and one along a busy road. And once I’m in town, there is only one option. Up Park street. Which while it’s not the steepest hill in Bristol (Simon has that honour with a certain 50% angled road in Hotwells) it’s still pretty bloody steep and there is no way that I will ever arrive at work anything less than a sweaty mess.

Plus I then have to walk up 5 flights of stairs to my office, which if I’m honest leaves me quite hot and breathless in any case.