I still love you my possums

I have been so busy that I have not had time to sit down with the laptop or even the phone to post lovely messages about nice things.

I have however done the following:-
*made two different types of courgette fritters and they have both been awesome.
*upped my weights in Bodypump and am now crippled.
*left one job and started a new one
*am about to have a hissy fit at bloody iTunes and my bloody iPhone for not syncing, installing or indeed, working normally, damnit, I have new Pendulum to put on it.
*been driving, paid £7 for parking(!) and been to the supermarket for all the heavy stuff we can’t usually buy.
*and dunno. Done stuff.

It’s been busy. I can’t even keep on top of my correspondence.

2 thoughts on “I still love you my possums

  1. Yes, where have you been? Tut.

    *Don’t cripple yourself! But well done.
    *I hate fucking iTunes. Every time I sync my iPod it either crashes it or wipes it.
    *Lucky you! Have you bought a car then? I so need one, if only to go to Ikea and replace my lampshade.
    *Humph. I haven’t.

  2. I hate iTunes as well. It’s just all bloody wrong.

    And yes, car of joy. See the next post.

    You’ve been to London. And back. That’s stuff. I haven’t been that exciting really.

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