RSS feeds and other weirdnesses

Today, my RSS reader is very quiet. I think it’s a slow news day and even the launch of Apple’s Ping social network (already hacked apparently) and the news of Duke Nukem Forever has not enlivened it. Last time it was a slow news day, the evening news reported about Lindsay Lohan. Sigh. News agencies don’t really have standards these days, in the olden times, they’d end news programs with feel good snippets like about the Christchurch Zoo saving the almost ready-to-hatch kiwi egg. It’s not the same having a report on who is in rehab and who is not. Mind you, if Celebdac had ever taken off properly, we might have had that in the news.

In other news, I am leaving work this friday. Notice has been given (quite a few weeks ago now) and time has been served. I’m off to a world of contracting again – I have set up my own limited company and everything! I’m like a proper organised person now with all sorts of legal things sorted. I believe I can now call myself Director too. But that sounds rather wanky when applied to myself so I’m going to have to think of a new job title.

‘Chief Lemming’  ?

‘Head of Bollocks’ ?

‘The Proper Charlie’ ?

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Right, I’m off to meet Mitch and an old colleague for a swift drink and then I’m going to Bodypump. I’m getting pretty toned now which is nice, and my clothes are all looser but I still haven’t lost any weight at all. Stupid body.