Sheesh, wednesday over already?

I do like a 4 day week. It moves so very fast. I long to work 4 day weeks actually. How can it be wrong? 3 day weekends, 4 days of work. Obviously a bit too much work there, and winning the lottery would be the best option.

We made tortillas tonight, corn meal ones. They were really nice but a little too much like pancakes rather than tortillas. Nothing to write home about, just a pleasant meal.

Earlier we went for a poke around one of the new flats in our block and are now slightly confused. It’s a lot bigger than ours and has a small garden. Other pros are – it has actual proper cupboard space, there is a proper sized second bed room, 2 bathrooms(which really is overkill) and a bigger kitchen with room for a fridge and a freezer. It’s quite a bit bigger generally and the main bedroom – which is on the top floor is really light with big velux windows and interesting space. I’m not quite sure how we’d use that space as the ceiling is very low but there is a nice loft storage space too.Main cons are – the garden is overlooked by some of our neighbours – and while they are lovely, they are quite nosy. We don’t really need two bathrooms. I’m not quite sure how the main bedroom will work with the low ceiling in spaces. Plus the area is fine, but we were going to move closer into the city. Decisions decisions.

new hair colourIn other news. I have new hair. It’s very dark with some bright red bits. It’s basically the ends of my hair and I really like the effect and I’m considering going to have it done properly when I get my hair cut in a few weeks time. Here is a silly picture for effect.