Just desserts @ The Fish in Sutton Courtenay

I realise that it’s a rubbish old pun and I really should get over it but it makes me laugh (maybe more of a smirk) so it’s staying.

Last weekend, the ever wonderful Jason B Standing and I met up in the centre of our residences for a little cycling and eating. This turned out to be Didcot. You may think that this would be a bit of a FAIL but really, due to a fit of extreme brilliance, I remembered a pub recommended to me ages ago and Jason and I set off to see if we could cycle there. Not only was there a National Cycle Networks path, it went right past the really creepy Didcot power station and then into the picturesque village of Sutton Courtenay. SUCCESS!

Where we found the rather fabulous pub, The Fish.

To our great delight, we stuffed our faces. Jason had the MEAT platter – gammon, sausages and various meats of germanic origin and I had plaice with saffron sauce.

And then we had dessert. Profiteroles and an amazing treacle sponge. And we rather slowly cycled back to Didcot station for a trip home, narrowly avoiding being drenched by a HUGE thunderstorm of epic proportions.