Weekend baking

I think that, other than the early mornings, I am made to be a baker. Simon and I have been nurturing a sour dough starter for the last 4 days- it’s called Lorraine – and last night I decided that it was time to do something with it. So sour dough english muffins it was.I’ve never made them before and they are reasonably straight forwards – flour & warm milk and yeast and sugar and salt. Make the mixture, knead it and then leave to rise for a few hours. Knock back and roll out to 1.5cm height, and cut into rounds using a 3″ round. Put on a cornmeal dusted surface and dust with more cornmeal. Then you dry fry them on a low heat for about 10 mins each side.


Simon’s jokes about Lorraine’s yeast infection are now getting a little ludicrous tho.