Rye Bread – delicious

After it cooled down slightly, I sliced it thinly and tried a few bits of it. Delicious. Chewy and slightly nutty in flavour with a subtle sourdough taste to it. In other great news, my sister brought me Herpes back from Morocco. It’s a pretty pink cream that is supposed to present fever blisters. It…

Brunch pancakes

Delicious pancakes. New, slightly easier recipe this time. From his Lordship Jamie bloody Oliver. He might plaster his photo on every single page in his America book but his recipes really do always work. I had Nutella on mine and Simon has some lovely Kent honey along with greek yoghurt and fresh raspberries.

Payday treats

It’s been a very long month, filled with a faintly ridiculous number of bills and things that must be paid and hence I have a long list of things I would like as payday treats. I shall have to decide which ones are to be allowed as I must save some money this month due…

Sunday breakfast

After Simon made soda bread the other day, he extolled it’s virtues and how easy it was. So I made it too. And it was lovely. Even better as part of breakfast. Sure did set me up for the day.

100 push ups -week one

I’m doing better than expected! Over 50 pushups in one day today and I can feel muscle! I have been combining the pushups challenge with a couple of bodypump classes a week and I have noticed a definite improvement in muscle tone and fitness. I rather like it. So how many pushups can you do?