Flavour Bomb

I am reading flicking through the Laura Santtini book at the moment. It’s a lovely book, full of really interesting things like flavour bombs and food alchemy. Unfortunately the writing is a little over-flowery for my taste but the ideas are really interesting and the pictures look lovely.

Liz is cooking the orange and asparagus risotto tonight – which sounds awesomely interesting and I’d like to be there to see how it turns out but I think I shall top my butternut, feta, roasted tomato and asparagus cous cous with a lemon flavour bomb. And then if I make some cupcakes tonight then I shall try some rose butter icing over the top.

I have definitely lost my cooking mojo at the moment. Everything seems like too much effort but luckily my lovely boyfriend seems to have re-found his so we’re still eating healthy food.

We’re going camping this weekend. I can’t wait. Not quite sure where we’re going or what we’re going to do when we get there, but we’ve got a hire car booked and the tent is ready to go.