Feta, butternut and asparagus couscous When you move in with someone, or someone moves in with you, you often end up with duplicates. In our case, couscous. We have a lot. Just over 2 kgs to be precise. I am glad that I have developed a taste for it now that Simon has taught me to make it properly (yeah, let’s not talk about the first few attempts)

This was delicious. Roast the butternut for 30 mins in olive oil, seasoning and some thyme. Add the asparagus and cherry tomatoes and leave for another 15 mins. Add grated lime zest, the juice of one lime and about 400 mls of boiling stock to about 200gms of couscous and leave to stand for a 3 mins. Add raisins, all the roasted veggies and the couscous together. Add some cubed feta and serve on a bed of leaves.

I hate the phrase bed of leaves. It’s not a bed, it’s a bit of limp salad on the side because it’s all I had left in the fridge. Ha! Be better than me, use a bed of fresh crisp salad. And add a drizzle of balsamic reduction and a squeeze of lime juice.