4 thoughts on “Normally, I hate beans

  1. Ah yes, cheese makes sense. I made some beanburgers once, with lentils, but although they were nice enough they lacked the essential *grease* aspect of a propah burgah.

    Yours look lovely – I like how you always make the effort to have a couple of nice things to accompany them. What made you decide to do veggieburgers though – just health?

  2. I think the cheese was the winner really. The recipe wanted Wensleydale but I just used strong cheddar. Burgers do really need fat and protein for texture and lentils/beans aren’t quite enough in their own right.

    My sister was coming for dinner and is a vegetarian – hence the vegetarianism of it.

  3. We made these for the first time a few weeks ago, and they are SO good. No Wensleydale, obviously (I live in a place which allegedly has great cheese, but which actually has about 5 decent types and then a few hundred variations of buttery rubber), but with a decent strongish flavoured cheese, they weren’t half bad. In fact, we had them twice in one week, and risked BBF (Butter Bean Fatigue).

    • I’m glad someone else has noted ButterBeanFatigue. I definitely think it’s something that not enough people know about or indeed, are avoiding.
      I am glad you reminded me of these as I think I fancy making them again!

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