We are going to Ikea

This is mostly exciting as not only are we going to Ikea, we are collecting a van, and packing up Simon’s stuff (guitars and computers mainly)  and moving it all to my house. Oh and Simon is coming with too. Yes. The time is nigh. He is moving in.

Hopefully he will help me to not set off the smoke alarm to the degree I did last night. It was a true Epic Fail. I am not sure what it was but the oven started smoking like there was no tomorrow when I had my potato rosti cake in it and then it was like a sudden bitter fog descended on my flat and even mad flapping with a tea towel had no effect. The smoke alarm went off for about 15 mins intermittently until I moved all the fans into the lounge and even then, it took about 30 mins to clear the smoke. Nearly all my neighbours ended up in the hallways wondering what was going on 😦 The Shame. I ended up with a sore throat and stinging eyes from the smoke. And with cereal for dinner. My cleaner has promised to clean the oven today with her industrial stuff so fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again.

And now I can’t do the planned blog post about the potato rosti cake until tomorrow. Tell me about your recent Epic Fails…