It was all very chilled out – friday was after work drinks with some friends in central Bristol. I was in the pub at 5:40 and got home about midnight feeling really rather sick. I am turning into a binge drinker. I am the most hated of all women in the UK – the dreaded binge drinker. I revel in my dodgyness.

Saturday I sold Liz’s bed at 9am. Selling furniture with a hangover appears to be a good speciality. I then went back to bed. On second arising I got myself sorted out and headed off to Naomi’s – bus to Wells, and then further bus to Street. Surprisingly easy and surprisingly much cheaper than I expected. I forget how nice Wells is, I will go there again. We went out for dinner at the Olive Mill  with the lovely SJ and Caro. Delicious food and good company.

Sunday I headed home, went to the gym and then met the lovely Simon in town where we shopped and headed home for a proper 80s movie fest  – F/X and Cocktail. Awesome.

In other news, I haven’t really lost much weight (4 lbs) since this epic has begun but I have noticed:-
– my cycle to work is faster and I’m not struggling up the hills as much.
– my clothes are slightly loser
– I have muscles in my legs.
This all makes me happier.